Haiku Monday?

Just wondering if anyone from HM is still out there. I rather miss the weekly challenge to think short and say much.

How are you doing?


8 Responses to “Haiku Monday?”

  1. I’m here.. At times,
    I miss the contact
    With folks

  2. Hi Foam, nice to hear from you. I have stopped by yours now and then to see your photos. Things good here, if a little chilly lately (-22).

  3. Booked it to Facebook.
    Should have known better, must watch
    Everything you say.

  4. Cool, Moi stops in with a ‘Ku to say hi. Miss you Moi, Yup I could see where you might get into hot water on FB. You speak your mind with such clarity.

  5. Moon… Pretty

    Dark encircled light
    Gravitates across night skies
    Primal tides awake

    Happy holey daze to All

  6. Well now, Rafa surfaces as well. And with verse as well. Did you catch that last eclipse where you are? Seems the kind of thing you might pay attention to.

    Season’s greetings to you, and thanks for popping in.

  7. Donosaur laid orb?
    Microscope enlarged sand grain?
    Ethereal present!

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