Haiku Theme – Color

Color is an amazing part of our world that humans and birds can appreciate in common, but few other species are able to.

Think how color enriches your experiences.  Even if you are some version of colorblind, so much information is available visually from the presence of color.

Night robs us of most color and makes the world depauperate.

Drop as many haiku dealing with the theme COLOR as you wish into the comments.  The comment link is on the upper left.  I’ll be in to comment through next weekend.  After that, it will be someone else’s turn to host.

For those out of the loop, Haiku Monday had run its course, but some of the players wanted to continue writing haiku without the competition and judging duties.  We established a rotation of hosting the just for fun version.  Doom http://wherewhisperslinger.blogspot.com/ was our most recent host.  Serendipity is hosting the week of June 15.

Haiku is formed using the 5-7-5 syllable structure.  The best haiku use a seasonal reference and a cutting word or punctuation (see Kigo( seasonal reference), an’ Kireji). 




25 Responses to “Haiku Theme – Color”

  1. lipstick flavored
    scent, red to be perfectly true
    summer ~ memory

    (is colored three? I wouldn’t say so, but have had others suggest ‘-ed’ is a count.)

    all or nothing, odd
    so many shades, some unseen
    tasting with the eyes

    Hope your visit goes well. And, yes, the two poems are meant to… well… kiss.

  2. One more. And I am up!

    girls, I do love them
    blonds, reds, brunettes – calico
    chasing varied tail

  3. Color! I will be back.
    @ doom. Colored is 2 syllables.
    Your last ‘Kurt cracked me up, btw.

  4. Brilliant greens, purples
    Swaying in a gentle breeze..
    Dog lifts leg and pees.

  5. Brilliant greens, purples..
    Lilies sway in gentle breeze
    Dog lifts leg and pees.

  6. Now… you are just trying to make me chuckle. Well played.

  7. paint them all placid
    highlight them all in happy
    remember the black

  8. Glad to see y’all are enjoying a place to play.

    I have a few contributions of my own today. Got home earlier that expected = on the road again. Pretty drive, though with spring’s paint splatters everywhere.

    Words evoke colors
    of a calico draped world
    the eye may not see.

    Spring brings soft greens,
    tints explode at altitude.
    Summer hikes her skirts.

    Winter rules high slopes
    as summer flirts in valleys.
    Mountain seasons mix.

  9. Very nice set of haiku. And… fresh to a blush. ‘Tis good to ku!

  10. Very nice, serendipity!

    • Tender green to black.
      Frost’s tendrils creep down-valley.
      Replant the garden.

      28 degrees last night – no frost warning. The poor things had only been above ground 3 days. June is fickle. Most often the last frost is the 15th. Not this year. I have to find new seeds to try again. Sigh.

  11. Doom, I still like the kitties best :).

  12. @Foam, dogs are so unromantic. Our neighbor dog prefers my irises (in bud) or my peonys up about 18 inches as her daybed. I have to fence the flowers from the DOG, not the deer.

  13. Ouch, I just noticed the garden thing. Glad I am just about to plant now. Seems I may have lucked out. I won’t swear we have had frost, but I’m… thinking we have, or very close to it. No warnings here, either. I went out, and not on the coolest of nights lately, a few nights ago, to grill. Yeah, I’m vampiring again… Grilling at 3:00? Anyway, I could see my breath, hard. And even I had a chill. I have smoked my pipe, in January, in shorts, a t-shirt, and birkenstocks – no socks, not German :p, through too, an early spring warm-up had me tricked. I forgot to check the thermometer until after the grill was going for an hour (it was upwind, and sort of close anyway, close enough to alter the reading I think). It said 35, so… But they are reporting 40’s, then not correcting… ever. Not sure what is up with the weather casters. Is it now illegal to report bad weather too?

    But… it’s between myself and foam. Or want to do two weeks? I could always make a few more. Did I really just ask if we walked to school or carried our lunch bucket? Why… yes, yes indeed I did. But, there it is.

    infinite hue shapes
    sized from tiny to sky high
    often missed, sadly

  14. Up to you guys, I’ll be out of commission next week. Play at will here, or move it. Just drop a line here to let me (us) know where it moved to.

    I replanted today, so we’ll see. I may never get squash restarting so late. A few late germinating beans will have a head start, but all the squash was entirely toast. Oh well, you have to expect this in mile-high valleys this time of year. After all summer only starts tomorrow!

  15. Just an update. Things are going well. Now to get fully healed and on a training program.

    Who is hosting?

  16. I’ll host! So glad you are in recovery mode.
    I’ll have a theme up by tomorrow or Monday the latest.

  17. It’s a week after your surgery! I hope you are doing well.
    I did finally post a haiku theme. I almost forgot! :)

  18. Just saying hi! :-)

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