Water: Haiku

By Serendipity

May 30, 2014

Category: Copyright ©, Haiku, Scenic


Water’s secret life:
Flake or drop to massive flows.
sculpts lands, sustains life.

Lower falls of the Yellowstone River.  May snowmelt runoff pours over the lip, deafening anyone nearby.

SCUBA allows flight
in a liquid atmosphere.
Gravity defied.

Since it is still Sunday, and because we have only dealt with liquid so far, I give you glaciers:

Keys locked in deep freeze.
Ancient cores, modern magic;
make ice tell tall tales.

and sound:

Gentle shussshing of waves,
crashing of storm surf, trickles,
singing frozen lakes.


5 Responses to “Water: Haiku”

  1. You write, “deafening anyone nearby.” And… you, I presume, have been nearby? Just… asking. Do you also feed grizzlies treats by hand as well? :) Maybe it isn’t as bad as it looks, or there is a way in. But I’m thinking not even gunpoint would cause my curiosity to overcome my natural instinct for survival. I’ve been in flood waters like that before, but not that powerful I am certain of it. I like taking risks, but only ones I think I have a fair chance at.

    I wrote pixy as giant, to indicate how water can present itself and what it can become, and you perfectly illustrated the notion. Oh, but a wonderful picture too. I sure hope you are mending well. Be well.

    • Actually, Doom, a visit to the brink is safe enough. There is a good trail down, and a substantial viewing platform at the brink. You just can’t make it out due to scale. They had to do that with all the tourons wanting to climb down the unstable rocks to get photos, and falling into the drink. The view straight down the falls is impressive.

      Yes, I too have been on-in waters like this, but have avoided falls THAT big.

      Thanks for asking, hip is mending very well, and my mobility and flexibility are improving incrementally; pretty good now, actually. I am about at the point of not noticing it unless I make an unusual move. In fact this has gone so well the second one is scheduled in a few weeks. I am finding the second very bad hip is now delaying the recovery of the fixed one since it limits what I can do. Not looking forward to doing this whole thing again so soon, but now seems the best timing. I am hoping I bounce back as quickly as on the first go – elk season is coming. I hope to have the month of September to actually do something that resembles some training and strength building for both legs.

  2. That is crazy! But with that vigor, ability to recovery, and hope… you must still have a child’s heart. I’ll keep you on my prayer list, and hope you can bag an elk yet this year.

    Your pictures… I live so close to so many national parks… And while I say I see no beauty… it’s… that’s just covering for not being able to walk so many days, or very far. Burning Gorge, I think. It’s closest and I’ve never been yet. Reminds me, I ought to start looking for the special places there… Just in case I, can, and the money is right. Love your pictures and stories. They’ll get me over that edge. *grins*

  3. Magnificent photo to go with your haiku! I was wondering about your other hip. I hope all goes well with your upcoming surgery and healing!

    • Hi Foam, thanks for stopping by. When you have scenery like that it is hard to get a bad photo.

      I do have hopes that it will go as well as the first. We just returned from a nice forest walk in an area with no trails. I got over boulders and smaller blowdown trees with no problem, even when getting pulled by our neighbor’s dog on leash. Not a peep out of the new hip. Great wildflowers and lots of tiny new aspen leaves! We even dodged the worst of the T-storms.

      Doom, yes, I guess you could say I still have the heart of a child. I still have the wonder and enthusiasm, even if some of the parts have been slowing me down recently.

      I am pleased I can provide you a little inspiration to go look at things. Beauty can be small and close by or huge and magnificent. I can find as much wonder in a peculiar wood grain of a dead tree, or the pattern of growth of a lichen, as I can in a waterfall such as the one pictured. Look close or far, even use a hand lens; there are things to be discovered. Of course, wildlife is always engaging because it acts, reacts, and responds. Often you need get mere feet off a road to find something that will arrest your attention. I looked for your Burning Canyon to see if I could do a flyby on GoogleEarth but could not find it. These days I find a satellite flight over a new place before I go there may turn up secret places I need to visit. I’ll bet if you were to take a drive there, and just stop a place or two and walk 50 yards off the road, you might find things of value in random places.

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