By Serendipity

November 25, 2011

Category: Haiku, Photo, Scenic


Mother Nature lights

The world with bright energy.

Where will she strike next?


Hi, and welcome to Haiku Monday!  I am quite amazed to be hosting this week, and I hope that I can do this with a fraction of the ability and humor of my recent predecessors.  Thanks again to Karl for hosting last week, and to my surprise choosing my Haiku.

This weekly competition, originally created by Troll, is one that I stumbled upon recently, and the challenge appealed to me.  I have a lot to learn yet about Haiku, but the group of very creative folks who participate in this fun wordplay has been kind to me as I learn.

The theme I have chosen for this week is “ENERGY/ENERGIZE”.  There seem so many possibilities I am looking forward to seeing what this diverse and clever group can do with this theme.  You need not include the word “energy/energize” so long as your meaning is clear.

Please submit up to 2 haiku in 5-7-5 format in the comments section here at https://serendipitouswildmoments.wordpress.com/.

If you wish to post a visual please include a link so we can view your visual.

Thanks and have fun!

Look for the Comments link right under Category on the top left under the photo.  Click there to leave a comment/entry.

Entries can be made until midnight PST on Monday 11/28/11.



29 Responses to “HAIKU MONDAY”

  1. Turkey, tryptophane,

    and lazyboys. Life flashes.

    Lions sleep tonight.

    (Lions traditionally lose on Thanksgiving and I am traditionally forced to watch it.)

  2. Heh to Curmudgy–

    Hi serendippity!! Happy to have found ya–may I suggest that ya leave yore link an’ Haiku theme at various of the bloggers so we will find ya easily?

    I luv that photo of lightenin’–we live in one of the lightenin’ capitals of the world–an’ seein’ lightenin’ at the beach is near ’bout as awesome as in yore mountains!

  3. Good afternoon Serendipity,

    We’ll back to the drawing board. Lightning was the first thing that came to mind.

    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t mind a description of that Buffalo roast.

    I’ll be back.

  4. Curm,

    Thanks for being first.

    David, – truly!


    Using lightening is still allowed – my Haiku doesn’t count, and I bet you can do a good one.


    I’ll add some elsewhere as you suggest – it was pretty late when I posted and was not sure of Haiku etiquette.

    Thanks all.


  5. Thanksgiving balloons,
    Bursting television’s edge . . .
    Wascally wabbit.

  6. Jerry Lee Lewis,
    Tesla ‘n’ Rockefellah . . .
    Wichita lineman?

  7. I’m writing one about anger. I’m ticked. My brother in law was yanking my chain about -30 degree weather. I just called him and told him Gold dropped to 600 per ounce. Bet he doesn’t do it again! Was it Glen Campbell that wrote Wichita Lineman?

  8. Very nice haiku! I have a hard time posting at WordPress. Hope this works.

    Ritalin rockets.
    Testosterone torpedos.
    They battle fatigue.

  9. Curm,

    Wichita Lineman was sung by Campbell, but written by Jimmy Webb in 1968 – I had to go look.

    Czar, welcome. Intriguing reference in your second entry…


    Thanks for stopping in. Looks like you got your post on here fine. I tried to keep it as open as possible for posts in my setup after having trouble with other blogs. I found that on Curmudgeon’s I had to use Google Chrome to post. I can’t leave a post on yours because it is restricted to only Google Bloggers. Been wanting to ask – how does one keep a ghillie headdress out of one’s bowstring?


  10. busy spouse blows leaves …

    son cleans up his messy room!!!

    me? inertia reigns …………………

  11. here’s my entry and I’m up at my blog too:

    Motivated by
    Black Friday, spurred to purge not
    consume like Zombies.

    Thanks for hosting! LOVE your photos.

  12. Thanks, I have no idea how that typewriter stuff on my blog got there. I think it’s ok now.

  13. intimidation
    takes the wind from people’s sails.
    floating dull adrift.

    First deep breath in the
    morning. Yawn and stretch and smile.
    Let the day begin!
    I posted at my blog (found you through Boxer’s).

  14. Good morning and thanks for hosting!

    gaseous cloud goes nuclear.
    Suntans, everyone.

  15. Thank you for hosting this week and great topic!! Here goes –

    They said it was blue?
    The energy and its king?
    Only Graceland knows

  16. Second Haiku from Scout:

    E.M.P. threat looms
    life would be hard off the grid
    chop your firewood now

  17. Visuals Up!

    Why did I not act?
    Sugar, water and some C
    Pass the billions please.

    The Gators scor’d first.
    Long before the copycats.
    Spurrier’s team wins.

  18. Not sure if mine went through…trying again.

    Viva El Toreo:

    Spellbound and frenzied
    Blood enraged bull takes last charge
    Cathartic release

    Visuals are up at http://ramblingsfrommytyper.blogspot.com/2011/11/viva-el-toreo.html

  19. Good afternoon Serendipity,

    Thank you for hosting, a nice turn out so far. Sorry I’m so late getting back. I just flew in from Williamsburg… Wait for it… And boy are my arms tired. (baa dump bump)

    I have two to add to the fray:

    Excited state. Then
    sequential ionization.
    Earth Mothers light show.

    Sailing solar wind,
    charged particles catch a ride.
    Auroras north wind.

  20. Boy, this is getting harder and harder. I’ll get these printed out in the morning to take with me, but will be on the road all day, so hopefully my ride will allow me to read – at least on the non-switchbacky stuff. I’ll post a winner as soon as I can, but it may be Tuesday morning.

    You guys are not going to make this easy for me, obviously. Being the host has a lot more pressure, but is still fun.


  21. Hi Serendipity. Thasnky fer hostin’ this week’s Haiku challenge–good entries so far–they’s energetic fer shure.

    @ Fishy,

    ahahahaha!!! No kiddin’–pass the billions. The school took most–tho Dr. Cade din’t suffer. The $ kept him in Studebaker’s (his passion).

    These heah be mah entries–an’ visuals up at

    Sun battered cyclist–
    does pedal power envy
    Quixote’s windmills?

    Mistral whips over
    blue Mediterranean–
    Spanish windmills whirl.

    @ Scout 2

    TEOTWAWKI’s prep:
    a candle in the wind at
    dying of the light

  22. Neither created
    nor destroyed, a conduit;
    brush water paper.

  23. I forgot it was Monday! Anyways:

    Click..click, bit by bit
    the acme we reach. Time stops..

    Visuals up at my blog

    Good Luck everyone!!


  24. Nice going all! Congrats, Serendippy on your win and hosting. I was in Atlanta and tried to congratulate you from my mom’s computer. No go!

  25. That anonymous is me.

  26. Missed you, Fleur. Just ain’t an extended Monday without you.

  27. Hi to the late comers. And to Fluer. Sorry you didn’t get one into this. But then again these already run such a gamut of ideas and perspectives that trying to decide on one is going to be tough. After a long day on the road and filled with meetings my brain is too tired to do this justice, so I’ll be announcing a winner tomorrow. Despite all the energy on this page, I need some sleep ;).

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