Haiku Theme – Color

Color is an amazing part of our world that humans and birds can appreciate in common, but few other species are able to.

Think how color enriches your experiences.  Even if you are some version of colorblind, so much information is available visually from the presence of color.

Night robs us of most color and makes the world depauperate.

Drop as many haiku dealing with the theme COLOR as you wish into the comments.  The comment link is on the upper left.  I’ll be in to comment through next weekend.  After that, it will be someone else’s turn to host.

For those out of the loop, Haiku Monday had run its course, but some of the players wanted to continue writing haiku without the competition and judging duties.  We established a rotation of hosting the just for fun version.  Doom http://wherewhisperslinger.blogspot.com/ was our most recent host.  Serendipity is hosting the week of June 15.

Haiku is formed using the 5-7-5 syllable structure.  The best haiku use a seasonal reference and a cutting word or punctuation (see Kigo( seasonal reference), an’ Kireji). 




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